Getting Up to Date

After some internal debate as to whether or not to do it, I’ve decided to get “up to date” by putting my “memoirs” as a blog. The memoirs were first published as hard copy back in September 1992. Since then I’ve given a copy to each of my kids and to grand children as they graduate from high school. A few years ago my great-nephew Doug Ghormley (son of RC) created a site and invited me to upload my “memoirs”. I did that and appreciate Doug’s hosting. Doug has some other Ghormley items that are worth the visit to his site. Click here . . . ALSO, there is a wealth of Ghormley geneology information on John Ghormley’s site. Click here . . .

Now I’ve decided to “modernize” a bit and add a “blog” to pair with Doug’s site. I decided to use this “Getting Up to Date” as the only “post” and handle other information via “Pages”. Over to the right are 26 Pages with the content first published in 1992. In the 15 years — 2007 minus 1992 — since these remembrances were written, much has changed. In a spot or two I have included an updating note, which is identified as such as to when made.

Some afterthoughts —
Life continues to be good these last 15 years. Mary and I have enjoyed watching kids and grandkids grow and mature. Now great grandkids have come along. Our health continues reasonable, though we have slowed down appreciably. I no longer mow the grass nor scoop snow nor climb ladders.

At one spot in the Remembrances I said I fully expected to live in 2115 until I died. That’s no longer my view. Neither Mary nor I want to live in 2115 after the other is gone, and we choose not to wait here for that to happen. Soooo … we have started plans for moving to some type of retirement facility. Much has to be done before we can move, but others have done it — so can we. My best guess is we’ll be gone from 2115 — and I mean still alive! — in about two years — take or give a year or two or so. This is being written at Thanksgiving time, 2007.

Now I’ll not hold you longer. Thanks for listening. Leave a comment if you feel like it. I expect to check regularly as long as I can run this computer,

God be with us all.
— Roger Ghormley aka DadGPaGGPUncGUncOther atcmb.


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